The WCS Group provides professional translations of the very highest quality. We achieve this by our adoption of the native speaker principle, pursuant to which all translators translate solely into their mother tongue. Over the past decades we have built up a professional network of translators that provides translations in every combination of languages. Moreover, our translators work solely in the fields in which they are specialized.

The WCS Group has the very wide range of specialized knowledge needed to ensure that all translations contain accurate terminology and the correct specialist vocabulary. We offer high-quality translations for general markets and niche areas that are tailored perfectly to our clients’ needs.

We distinguish ourselves by the efficient organization of our companies and processes that ensures that we can supply translations very quickly and without detriment to their quality. The WCS Group considers every translation commission to be unique: every request for a translation revolves around the client’s needs and requirements. Adopting this approach enables us to provide translations of the highest possible quality.