Our core values make us who we are and give shape to what we do. Our core values determine our identity and the manner in which we provide our products and services. They also describe how we interact with one another. The following four-word pairs represent the values that we stand for and that are manifested in everything we do.

Innovation & learning

The WCS Group revolves around sharing and applying knowledge. We promote knowledge sharing and invest in the talents of our staff with our WCS Academy. When our staff grow, our Group also grows.

We tolerate mistakes, as we are convinced that we learn from our mistakes and become stronger. We, in adopting this approach, invest in a bright and successful future.

Passion & joy

Passion is the key to success. As the WCS Group is convinced that passion leads to enthusiastic staff who enjoy their work we deploy our staff on the basis of their interests and preferences.

Staff enjoy their work when they work in an informal environment. Decision-making, self-evidently, is decentral to ensure that staff continue to take pleasure in their work.

Responsibility & respect

We are people-oriented: we are genuinely interested in others, are involved in each other’s work, and treat everyone with respect.

We understand responsibility as ‘agreed is agreed’, and by fulfilling this responsibility we demonstrate that we are a reliable employer and business partner – which is essential, as we are convinced that strong working relationships are completely dependent on mutual trust. We can only succeed with cooperation, both cooperation between our Group companies and with our clients.

Quality & professionalism

The WCS Group revolves around quality – the quality of the product, the service associated with the product and the quality of the entire organization. We have implemented a comprehensive quality assurance system to guarantee the quality of our services and of our organization. The WCS Group has been awarded the latest quality certification, certification that guarantees that our products are of the highest quality.