The WCS Group strives to achieve sustainable relationships with its partners, clients and the environment. The companies in the WCS Group recognize that they are responsible for the impact of their operations on humans and the environment.

The WCS Group is convinced that today’s companies must contribute to the realization of a sustainable society for current and future generations. We strive to achieve this by searching for an optimum balance between people, the environment and profitability – People, Planet, Profit.


The WCS Group strives to ensure that its staff are healthy and enjoy their work. We appreciate that our staff are our most important capital, and we attach great value to their personal development. This is also the reason why we decided to found the WCS Academy to help our staff in their development by offering abundant opportunities for courses, training and social activities. Our staff are also actively involved in the design and implementation of sustainable initiatives.


The WCS Group strives to reduce the use of cars to the absolute minimum. We endeavour to achieve this objective by establishing the offices in central locations where they are readily accessible by cycle and public transport. Moreover, many of our staff live locally. All our offices are equipped with cutting-edge telecommunications resources.

Our offices are also almost entirely paperless, and we make as much use as possible of recycled materials. IT equipment that has reached the end of its service life is offered for reuse, and waste is separated whenever possible.


The WCS Group strives to achieve the maximum Profit that is in balance with People and Planet. The Group’s operating results have outperformed those of its competitors for many years. We reinvest the profits in the further growth of the Group, the personal development of our staff and the continuing optimization of our business operations in the area of ​​Corporate Social Responsibility.