The WCS Group is more than the sum of the parts: all its members are autonomous companies with their individual specialisms and character. The combination of these specialisms yields a unique synergy, as sharing our knowledge and expertise within the Group enables each company to achieve more than would be possible as a standalone operation. Moreover, by retaining their identity and nature all companies make an individual contribution to the dynamism and diversity of the Group.

Our staff

‘More than the sum of the parts’ is also applicable to the WCS Group’s staff. Although everyone in the WCS Group shares our core values, the differences between our members of staff make the Group stronger. We are active in a dynamic environment in which we benefit from our individual qualities that keep us alert, enable us to conquer our challenges and ensure that we can exceed expectations. This is also the reason for our decision to found the WCS Academy to learn from our individual strengths.

Knowledge and technology

The staff of our companies learn from each other and share their knowledge in developing the revolutionary technological solutions that the WCS Group needs to offer top-quality global communication services. Our ambition is to elevate our services to the very highest level and make global communication feasible – an ambition that we continually strive to fulfil with our enthusiasm and pleasure in our work.