We enable worldwide communication.


Language, in a world characterized by transparency and diminishing borders, is often the last barrier.

Globalization and innovations in communication bring us closer together every day, and borders are blurring – or even disappearing. This means that we need to manage continually growing flows of information: we need to process messages rapidly and filter the content efficiently so that we can get the information we need.

This means that effective communication increasingly requires the provision of specific information tailored to the needs of the target group. The most successful communication is achieved when the right message is sent in the right language to the right target group at the right time.

The companies of the WCS Group ensure that businesses and organizations can achieve optimum communications in every language. The broad portfolio of services enables the companies, in cooperation with their clients, to achieve the intended communication result for each target group. The WCS Group’s operations are founded on writing services, translation services, interpreting services and associated ICT solutions that all revolve around understanding and empathising with the needs of the client.